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Assouline Publishing was founded in 1944 by Prosper and Martine Assouline with the objective of being the first luxury in culture brand. This editorial is authentically pioneer thanks to their vision. Throughout the years it has become a global lifestyle company with offices in New York, London and Paris. Representing a new sophistication level in the area of book publishing.

Assouline has specialized in the production of coffee table books: big format books, hardcover, exclusive edition and design with abundant images. They have published more than 1,500 titles, which include subjects such as: architecture, design, fashion, art, photography and gastronomy.

Since the beginning the Assouline’s wanted to provide everything for a contemporary library. For example: they have worked with the best perfumers for aromatic candles; with Goyard to create a book chest; with Chanel on a padded leather case amongst many other projects. They are permanently amplifying their vision in order to create anything you could want in an elegant and personalized library, everything from special editions to gift articles.

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