Roche Bobois

Roche Bobois envisions and creates furniture that expresses a certain way of celebrating interior design.

When describing the look of Roche-Bobois, the company's history makes perfect sense. Designs are luxurious, yet comfortable. Modern, yet timeless. There is a strong sense of pared-down elegance that is tastefully carried out with each and every piece.

Everything in the Roche-Bobois collection is exclusive. The concept is that of a complete environment,in which the accessorizing, along with the furniture, contribute to the creation of a specific atmosphere. It is a way of life, and yet it does not change with every consumer trend. It is classy, versatile, and easy.

Interestingly,Roche-Bobois may be the only line of its kind to offer a contemporary furniture collection which is not necessarily minimalistic.The newest ideas in modern shaping are integrated with traditional French elements, but also with cross-cultural references.

The furniture tells a story, be it a buffet designed after the Brooklyn Bridge, a cabinet influenced by Nepalese craftsmanship, or a wooden dining table reminiscent of the art of the Shakers. The "classic" Contemporary, is side by side with the more traditional, "Les Provinciales."

Refreshingly, Roche-Bobois is a constant student in design, with an integrative, "no sharp-edge" type of philosophy.